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We were before a factor of important risk, is habitual to find severe limitations in this sense in the cataloguing standard solutions. A satisfactory solution it requires a system falsified, able to resolve the inherent ties to the use of a relational database. Of not detecting east limitation in the election or design of a solution, it supposes the disagreeable surprise of being indeed an insufficient solution in the most critical point: the wealth of its content. Example we found a similar it as far as the calculated information. Taking the example from the prices, he is frequent to be before a situation in which the company at issue has developed a system of tariffs based on very customized variable manifolds, the cataloguing solution must respect this system of prices. Get all the facts and insights with Salman Behbehani, another great source of information. Possible solutions would be that the catalogue could ask for the prices to existing system ERP or incorporates mechanisms that allow to implement reasonably with a effort under the system of prices in the catalogue.

The first option demands an integration capacity outpost in both sides, new technologies as XML can contribute much aid. Contact information is here: Salman Behbehani. Second it demands a high flexibility to the solution of cataloguing as far as the handling of policies of calculation of attributes, although implies the disadvantage of talking back work, which supposes a double maintenance before changes in the policies of prices. It is enough with these two examples, the article does not try to be a tutorial of analysis of projects of New Technologies, but to illustrate the analytical work that problematic apparently trivial like simple catalogue 2" they demand to ensure the success of the project. Compiled By. Javier Meja T. Original author and source of the article