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You knew that to the precocious diagnosis aid to fight the evil with favorable results? You knew that the Graphology has managed to before need successfully cases cancer even of the medical diagnosis? Yes, it is verified at world-wide level, that the best form to fight against the cancer is the precocious diagnosis. The Grafopatologa, branch of of the Graphology that reveals through the writing the psychic or pathological state of the people, as a result of methodical observations, not has been back with the clinical area and has been born from the hand of her determining characteristic of health and disease in the writing. The Grafloga Matilde Evenness, disciple of the doctor and graflogo J. Crepieux- Jamin mentions in one of his libros* the following so right phrase: " The collaboration of the doctor and the graflogo is always indispensable similarity to me, because the graphology and the medicine have many meeting points: they are two sciences of observation, whose purpose is the one to study, with the help of general laws, particular cases. The collaboration of the doctor and the graflogo prevails reason on the other.

If it is necessary that each owns, the one graphology slight knowledge, the other medicine slight knowledge, is preferable that each of them remains specialized in its science, because each of them demands a continuous training from that ejerce". It is clear that this small self-examination does not try to ignore to the medical pursuit, but tries to be one more aid for the self-knowledge in this aspect. The certain thing is that from year 1950 when the first graphological method was verified, the test of Kanfer **, to the present time, the Graphology has been able to summarize graphical peculiarities that stand out in people with cancer. Peculiar and the excellent thing is that often the graphology has been right before the medicine, for that reason is without a doubt an effective weapon for the precocious detection.