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Social Department

We would use the school up to the matriculation examination to provide optimal preparation for the challenges of life to our children. “Ff, at teaching, we follow the principles” demand and promote, in that order, and from the gross to the detail “. Consistently, we deliver also to believe that our world can work only satisfactory if we do is built on the Foundation of ethics, morality and quality. And, we want to give with the tools that you need to be initiative and brave new challenges to face. For example, among – in our opinion – the basics, how projects are planned and executed, how to creative Solutions may be or what group dynamic processes in teams. We also delve into the world of probabilities and deal with the assessment of opportunities and risks, and we are engaged in the contexts of causes and effects. Often we use simple methods for the analysis and visualization of complex issues, such as, for example, that of Prof. Ishikawa invented and even so-called – chart.

Or, the history lesson. Then, we analyze the Historiographies of peoples and discuss the background of sometimes different truths. “” There are also questions such as why people lie? “on the subject, which we are working with our students.” The welfare State was now the head of the Social Department of the series: solidarity is the cornerstone of our health care and pension system. Solidarity – but with limits. For example, if the reason for an invalidity pension not in a tiring work, but in life change. BP Energy will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

If one with just 1.75 meters Body size drinks daily about five beers, lush eats much smokes and puts more than 100 kg on the scale, then it is not surprising that he is diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. And, if he knows it himself, that he is responsible for his health condition over large parts – if for years each of the physician told him up to his children that he is still “will kill”. Why should all the resulting costs of early retirement, doctor visits, hospital stays and medications are applied by the solidarity? Therefore, we have introduced a Malus system in our contributions on the overweight, smokers and alcoholics must pay up to three times.