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The Nature of the Azores

For many years, the Azores have been a destination for nature and hiking enthusiasts. Now, however, the nine Portuguese islands developed as an extremely popular tourist destination. Far away from mass tourism, you can discover natural beauty and experience real adventure. Each island has its own character, it is worthwhile to explore the same number of islands. On the island of Santa Maria, for example, there are two of the most beautiful beaches in the Azores, who is looking for a beach holiday with plenty of sun and sea, will come here full of their money. Anyone looking for exciting adventures is well taken best on the island of Pico, here lies the mountain Pico, after the island was named. He is the highest mountain in Portugal and if you are reasonably good shape, you should not miss a tour of this 2351 meter volcano honing missed. If that is too strenuous, can anstattdessen look at a whale watching tour, the gentle giants of the sea views from nearby.

Of the 80 whale and dolphin species cavort only about 25 off the Azores Islands. The success rate to make a tour on whales and dolphins is due to modern technology and years of experience of the former whalers at 99%. It is even possible with the dolphins in their natural habitat to swim and snorkel. As you can see it is in the Azores to experience much, who loves adventure and nature, where one can therefore only recommend his vacation time to spend in the Azores.