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Sometimes Markus

A wonderful Christmas gift for our little ones a book of disputes and contracts, from becoming large and from what counts to reading aloud or read. Reading age: 5-8 who has destroyed Markus’ Castle? Why should no pictures are painted onto the neighbor’s driveway and why is it later but allowed? How Mary’s image in the exhibition? And who is actually her favorite brother? The five-year Maria goes to kindergarten. It likes to play and makes mischief, like every child even. But one thing there, is somewhat different than others at Maria: she has four brothers. Matthew, mark, Luke, and Paul called them.

Every day, Maria experienced quite a lot with them. Excerpt: Sometimes someone asks Maria, what brother actually is her favorite brother. Then mussMaria think about. Matthew, thinks, Matthew is definitely my favorite brother. He has Maria the Schreibenbeigebracht, and even some other useful stuff: how to catch a small Frog for example. And how you inflate the tires of Mary’s scooter. And how to fold really good paper airplanes. When Matthew doing homework, then Maria can sit sometimes with him in the room.

You sit at a little table and malt or writes a letter to Matthew. Yes, Matthew is Mary’s favorite brother. Or you mark?, Maria is considering. Yes, Markus Marias favourite brother is actually. Markus is always only late in the afternoon again at home, because he goes to a special school. The school always only afternoon bring him back. But then he has no homework. And most of the time he plays then with Maria. Football, for example. Or Markus Maria carries on the back through the whole House. Markus is strong, really. Sometimes they sit in Markus’ and Lukas’ rooms and build Legoautos. Then let big with each other the cars with full force. And whose car breaks less, who has won. Earlier mark always won, but meanwhile Maria wins more often.