Plastic Surgery In Different Countries

France (and in particular, Paris) – is the biggest market for plastic surgery. Now doctors have twice as many customers than it was 10 years ago. Modern anesthesia allows patients after most operations on the same day get on their feet and the next day – quietly shopping. In the world there are three main schools of plastic surgery abroad: the French – is aimed at rejuvenation. For the French beauty – it means youth.

French surgeons are renowned aesthetic sense of proportion and taste. The most important thing for them – natural, therefore, to pull the skin on your face or too full lips are considered bad form. French surgeon would never make it anything that would look unnatural. In France, get a degree in plastic surgery is very difficult. Education takes seven years. Then five years to learn the general surgeon and three – on the plastic. After training, before you operate on patients who need a few years working in public hospitals.

Only those having undergone the practice, may engage in aesthetic medicine. In America, very common change in appearance, but not to rejuvenate or eliminate defects and to meet certain standards. Unlike the French, Americans are sometimes too hard: they can "win" a person with lifting and without objections do patients unnaturally huge breasts. However, the undoubted advantage of the American aesthetic surgery – a very strict state control over the doctors, the world's best equipment and high technology operations. In Brazil, the patients unique needs. In this country prevails the cult of the body and can often find 50-year-old woman, whose figure – like a 30-year, and an aging face are not interested: the main thing – it's tightened buttocks and slim waist, as in Brazil wear revealing clothes. Therefore, the work of Brazilian surgeons fine not call it quite a bit of work with a person.