We live in an exciting world. A world that is constantly changing. What has worked up to this point is questioned, or simply ignored. Hot trends are cooled quickly and leave passage to new ideas and ways of acting. Just look at what surrounds us to realize that everything is in constant transformation: the concept of family has evolved. Now, husband and wife are working all day outside the home and the children spend less time with their parents. Furthermore, appear new familiar formulas that have little to do with traditional ones. Concern for beauty reaches unprecedented levels.

All pay special attention to our physical and aesthetic condition. Gyms and beauty products are experiencing an unprecedented explosion. Leisure time is a fundamental part of our lives. Currently, the search for more free time has become one of the major objectives. Young people are willing to earn less if this can make more free time for them. The pyramid of age has been reversed.

Gone are the times of large families. Increasingly, couples have fewer children and youth is becoming a scarce commodity. On the other hand, this effect on the age pyramid and elongation of the life of our elderly people makes that seniors are present as a market with great potential. Environmental concern is present at all sites. What started as a fad has become a real concern. There is no company that boasts that it has not drafted its environmental policy or to collaborate in one way or another in the salvation of the planet. The Internet has revolutionized the access to the information. We live in the information society. Everything you need to know is a single click away. Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection is available practically all of universal knowledge. In addition, it is free. The consumer has the power. More information in the hands of the consumer puts this in a privileged position unknown up to this point.