Miguelez Monroy Periodista

Three years after the tsunami in Indonesia, who wondering what has become of the Indonesians?. About the commercialisation of the journalism, said: as soon as you empaquetas information and become merchandise, continues to be information. The economic benefits are not only above the ethics, but they have become the sole purpose. Trim expenses in journalism (journalists and their respective training) software and increasing expenditures on hardware (high technology material) points out in that order. Much technology you have, any intelligence have to be behind such machine. For its part, Ana Pastor addressed ethics and honesty in journalism, values sometimes eclipsed by a supposed objectivity that teach in some faculties: is not a question of objectivity or of the equidistance faced with the injustice, but of honesty. You cited one of his journalistic idols, Ryszard Kapu? ci? ski: to be good journalist is to be a good person. Hence the importance of developing the capacity to listen to others, base of empathy and understanding of situations of injustice, something that has allowed him to smell the misery of the countries where it has traveled: when you return to your country, you realize that smell has changed you.

The journalist, 31 years old, saved for the end a warning for young journalism students: we are part of a soft generation. Many young fellows asking you to begin to work on their days off and holidays rather than wondering about his work. Thanks have been trained, traveled and worked from the college years, even while on vacation. Some of the companions of faculty who laughed at the exploitation suffered work today as dependents in stores. Years of effort, work and not sacrifice because, as I said Rosa Maria Calaf, she always wanted to that life which has fought. An emotional way to close a masterful lesson in journalism and to remember that it is never late to start again.