Global Warming

The population in communities currently lacks information on climate by what ignore the effects that can cause this on them if you have no foreknowledge of the actions of the climate and its changes rough that had in recent years due to massive contamination with greenhouse gases that have caused a desiquibrio between the factors and climatic elements. So the effects of the climate on Earth has claimed major disasters in agriculture livestock, infrastructure and a considerable number of human lives. Also known as climate change, global warming is considered as the land surface temperature increase, this is given as a result of the industrial evolution of man to produce their daily sustenance and the comforts that today has. Oil exploitation which gives rise to those fuels that move thousands of different engines for all machines, the combustion of these fuels have produced large amounts of smoke, which are dispersed in the atmosphere with a high content of carbon, productions whether the carbon dioxide (CO2) that altered ozone (O2) providing greater thickness of the layer. Also participate other gases such as SO2, NO2 and H2O and others more, these gases saturated the ozone layer allowing the Sun’s rays penetrate and produce heat at the Earth’s surface which is enclosed producing what today is known as the greenhouse effect. Global warming or climate change is the cause of the alteration of the climate by changing elements and factors that maintain the balance. The increase of storms, hurricanes, cold fronts, warm, stormy rains with electric shocks, poor distribution of rainfall; all this is the result of climate change.

Water is a substance formed by the oxidation of the hydrogen in the atmosphere, substance made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen (H20). Water is regarded as the universal since it is a substance that through her solvent there are a myriad of reactions that allow the formation of different compounds chemicals. Water is the substance that allowed the life on Earth since she allows that there are chemical reactions in living things essential for survival. Water is the only substance that can exist naturally in three forms: liquid, solid and gaseous. There is no only air in the atmosphere, but there also water vapor which is colorless and odorless.

Atmospheric water represents less than 0.001% of the water of the Earth, but his role is very important for the climate. When we drink water, it is in liquid form, called State liquid; When we mascamos or bite an ice cube water is in solid state. The water can also be found in gaseous state this is represented in this way when its molecules are free-form, which is commonly known as water vapor. When liquid water in state change to vapour state, is known as evaporation. Condensation is the opposite. It is the process of transformation of steam to liquid water. After taking a bath, bathroom is filled with moisture or water vapor. The mist, hot, condenses on the cold bathroom, returning to its liquid state mirror: can see small droplets in the mirror. Follow informandose on climatic clicando aqui greetings original author and source of the article changes