Pedro announced also that it could supply water to the village 24 hours a day, seven days a week. John could only supply water in business days: not working on weekends. Then Peter announced that it would be 75% less than Juan by this water supply, more reliable and better quality. The inhabitants of the village excitedly it and rushed to tap at the end of the pipe of Pedro. In order to compete, John dropped his price immediately 75%, won other two buckets, added covers to their buckets and immediately began to carry four pails on each trip. To provide better service, recruited his two sons to help him in the night and during the weekends. When her children went to College, he told them that they apuraran to return because someday would belong to that business.

For some reason their children did not return after college. Eventually John had employees and Union problems. The Union demanded higher wages, better benefits and I wanted its members to acarrearan only a bucket at a time. For his part, Pedro realized that if that village needed water, then other villages also should need it. Rewrote its business plan and moved to sell its system of clean water from high speed, high volume and low cost to villages around the world. He only earned a penny per bucket of water delivered, but delivered billions of buckets of water every day.

Regardless of whether he was working or not, billions of people consumed billions of buckets of water and all that money is deposited into your bank account. Peter developed the pipeline to carry money for himself, as well as to bring water to the villages. Peter lived happily for ever and John worked very hard for the rest of his life and always had financial problems. End.: I am building a pipeline or hauling buckets? I am working hard or I’m working intelligently? Autoresponder them multimedia, infinite and unlimited are like this system of pipeline which automates the entire process of sales and marketing at online businesses and allows us to work intelligently, save time, money and effort. Increase your sales turning your prospects into customers and customers into buyers guaranteed recurrentes.100% and semi automatic way email marketing with autoresponder multimedia is for people who are tired of hauling buckets and you are ready to build pipelines to cash carried inside their pockets and not their pockets out.