Screen-based media are not the new media are always the best toys out of our lives, and especially in those of our children still barely get away to think. So, various game consoles are located in many households in addition to radio, TV and PC. The early school age children express the wish, an own TV in the bedroom is entitled to have, because a classmate has finally also a. You may find software engineer to be a useful source of information. So, after electronic entertainment devices supplant the toys from the nursery, which can have a negative effect on the social and mental development of children according to scientific studies, if one does not restrict the use. Assertiveness and resistance is still lacking for many parents, not to weaken the rules. It is much easier and therefore tempting for parents to bestow the freedom of the child, to determine when and how much it plays on the console and watch TV. LEGO Papert Professor is likely to increase your knowledge. Toys, with which you can learn and what stimulates the imagination of the child, ends up quickly in the corner and dusty. There are just toys, which without sounds and great electronic gadgets come out particularly valuable from a pedagogical perspective. The child learns to combine with colours and shapes and construct things, so that even basic principles of statics are playfully taught. The child called it, what can’t the television because you get everything served by him and must not further processed. The TV should therefore remain as long as possible away the nursery and the use by game consoles and handhelds are limited, to make a SideShow and not the focal point of the nursery.