Avid Education

Promotes dialogue as way of understanding the sustainability to promote development but at the same time preserve the natural resources of the planet, leads a global vision that goes from a planetary perspective to local, offers a way of life, a position of interdependence and balance between external and internal knowledge. It is a holistic practice that develops three paths of wisdom, devotion and compassionate action, unlike traditional without heart, mechanical, partial, education superficially, this involving spirituality. A fundamental basis in holistic education are the three influences for its development, which are the perennial philosophy, new paradigms and the work of great pedagogues such as Plato, Jose Vasconcelos, Comenius, Pestalozzi, Antonio Caso, among many others. On the proposal of the education holistic integrates the wisdom of the new and the old, there are great people with great thoughts as Plato and Buddha and integrate their knowledge with new thinkers like Ken Wilber, Sam Keen, Peter Russel Holistas, the holistic education integrates the best of each knowledge produced by humanity throughout its history to generate a vision of totality. With this vision is holistic form integral human beings in which spirituality is developed to modify bad that now is observed and to promote solidarity, peace, harmony, tolerance, patience, dialogue, democracy, compassion love, fraternity, kindness among other things that is Avid modern man. In this book, what struck me most positively was the understanding of the relationships that exist between the educator and students, Dr. Gallegos called epistemological relations and declares which are given three different forms, the object object this isn’t reactive there is interaction, there is no subjectivity; the second relationship is the subject object and is performed between human beings and the natural world, is systemic, linear, instrumentation and behavioral, is the relationship of a mechanistic teacher, who did not consider his student as a being with own reasoning; the third relationship is that of subject subject is the relationship between human, cultural and significant subjects, mediated by language, intentionality, understanding and mutual interest, is what gives meaning to our lives, because education begins through an understanding of the other.