For children or elderly Aromatherapy is particularly useful because they can not take medications or combining strict medical supervision as for young or elderly may be dangerous. The most common visits to massage parlors or SPA are due to the efficiency and the excellent results that aromatherapy has to reduce the pains in head, neck and back caused by anxiety, worry, anxiety, stress or overwork. In these cases where the essential oils play an important role by treating the individual holistically not only acting on the body when essential oils are placed on the skin, but also produce benefits for the mind and emotions through the aroma and relaxation that occurs when applied through massage. It is noteworthy that in every pain or inflammation caused by infections caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses Aromatherapy provides an excellent tool that increases their effectiveness because most essential oils have antibacterial action, antiviral and antifungal helping eliminate germs pathogens that cause these diseases. At other times the use of essential oils only help improve the quality of life of the person but not heal the disease such as osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, gout, diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, cancer and HIV among others. On the other hand, there are certain conditions where the application of essential oils is contraindicated in cases such as appendicitis, kidney stones or gall bladder, pancreatitis, heart or kidney problems because in these circumstances the reduction of pain may endanger ill health by delaying medical measures needed to respond quickly to the origin of disease or illness.

One of the most effective aspects of Aromatherapy is precisely when used to reduce and relieve pain, hence the importance of moving about the different essential oils and how to use them to realize their full potential. When people learn which essential oils, essences and creams help to relieve their pain these products can become your first choice before visiting-inflammatory or analgesic if in pain. Aromatherapy can be part of your basic emergency kit as a natural and effective tool for your physical and emotional wellbeing. IMPORTANT NOTES: For a responsible use of aromatherapy first count in the diagnosis of a specialist before using any essential oil. The essential oils of Tea Tree, Lavender and chamomile are the only ones that can be used undiluted, recalling that only a few drops are enough (remember to always buy reputable companies in Aromatherapy). People with heart or nervous system, heart, pancreas, kidney, cancer or pregnant should consult with your doctor specialist before using any complementary therapy even natural. All essential oils are for external use only, highly concentrated and must be diluted before application.