Ahmad Hamdan

In these communities of deep misery and convulsed by violence, men with money and influence are those who possess the largest arsenals. They are models that children have.The increase of child combatants It will avoid conflict becoming still more shocking, said Peter W. Singer, an expert on child combatants of the Brookings Institution the increase of young fighters aggravates the brutality that has already forced to close many schools, leaving the children wounded and hungry, and scenes of murders of parents against their children. On the other hand, tells us taringa.net, that there is now an entire generation of Palestinian children that the culture of death became victims of indoctrination and propaganda, by convincing them that martyrdom in the name of Allah is the maximum achievement that can be achieved in life. Between a 72 and 80% of these Palestinian children aspire to death as shahides or martyrs of Allah. Ahmad Hamdan, Hamas representative in Tehran, said that 20% of the fallen committing terrorist actions, since the beginning of the Intifada to date, were children and adolescents.

Convinced that they will get eternal life in paradise with 72 virgins with martyrdom. Hamas has a page on the Internet with drawings and children’s stories, aimed at influencing and indoctrinating Palestinian children about the deadly hatred to the Zionist enemy and the search of the heroic path of martyrdom. Die in the name of Allah is to be a hero in their eyes a broadcaster on Palestinian television, said: the heart of the Palestinian child houses not only doubt and fear, but also a strong willingness to become a martyr since the jihad has become common ambition to many children, thanks to which would achieve prestige, and his Immortalization in the bosom of his people. Hezbollah routinely recruit children and trains them for war and terror. Using combat uniforms, camouflaging their faces with black paint and assuming the desire to walk the path of martyrdom. It is believed that there are 140,000 children trained for war. Original author and source of the article.