Using Java To Send E-mails

Then you think: ‘ ‘ he will be that I obtain to make this in an easy and fast way? ‘ ‘. The reply for this question he is ‘ ‘ yes, you consegue’ ‘. The Java has a API that it serves pra exactly this, the call JavMail API. It really functions, but at a first moment pra does not seem intuitiva very who desires to leave ordering email without having that to study very.

For this reason the staff of the Apache, inside of the Commons project, developed Commons email API. This API nothing more is of what wrapper (or adapter, for that they more than like to adopt the used nomenclatures in design patterns) of JavMail API. The advantage is that it is extremely simple of being used for the programmer. The first step is to make download of the JAR and to incorporate it its project. Later it is alone to use the classrooms disponibilizadas for the API and to order e-mails. The main classrooms of the API are the following ones: SimpleEmail: it represents a simple email that only contains texto.MultiPartEmail: it represents an email that can contain archives atachados.HtmlEmail: it represents an email written in HTML.