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Literary Institute Alumni Association

Annals of experience and wisdom in our time, when the diaries are almost all very lucky to find a virtual network, something real, original and suffered. These qualities have a diary on the site of Alexander Olshansky – writer and publicist who has great experience in life, passed on the way to a fitter member board of the union office. Now he is – an honorary member of the Global Harmony Association, which joined hundreds of intellectuals from all continents, chairman of the Literary Institute Alumni Association, a political observer of the international journal "Forum" … Given his experience the writer evaluates the most notable events in our lives. For even more details, read what PSX says on the issue. In April 2007, when many people in Russia were in the euphoria of success, he prophetically worried, "again something bad is brewing in our homeland." From record to record increases anxiety.

A. Olshansky – not blogger, Joe Blow, and the citizen, and therefore writes with the pain of what's happening in the country. He exacting with respect to the powers that be to get him praise as a second is not easy, but the author denied the right to criticize Medvedev and Putin's policy of foreign evaluators as he does, their fellow citizen. Putin's message was last evaluated positively, and the first Medvedev – almost glossed over. Of course, Yeltsin, Chubais, Gaidar, Kudrin said he negative characters, but their evaluation of evidence.

The strength of the Olshansky-publicist – constructive publications, he is sure to offer a better, more effective solutions. These penetrate journalistic section of the website "The voice of one crying …." Here the best that journalism is written in the last 10-15 years. Back in 1994, he who knows the bureaucracy from the inside, came to the conclusion that the country has accomplished, '"Great bureaucratic revolution. " Analysis of the relationship between Russia and the West is reflected in the 'Great War anti-Russian' – Russia-de all the great, sad joke writer. Sublime 'Kuznetskaya arc' – the situation in the coal industry mid-nineties. And how many entries in the article: "Doctors: heal yourself!" about the problems of our health care! In this section you can find answers to many questions, including why the reforms we have traditionally mediocre. Many bitter words, but they are akin to a drug that cures ailments. But back to the diary. Here are the latest recording of "The Caucasian conflict becomes acute," "Who in the woods, who for firewood, or krantets upgrade?" – A new appointment Chubais, "Western non-commissioned officer's widow" – the election in Belarus and the tunnel vision of Western Beau Monde, "It hap-hap – goes glug glug," – that once made a wise mother of the writer is the basic economic law "Sacred cows were goats?" – About banks and financing of domestic producers … When you meet with journalism, or a diary of the writer, then come to a thought: do not write the article and not at all, but talented sermon, addressed to our conscience and our heart, making us richer intellectually and spiritually.

Social Department

We would use the school up to the matriculation examination to provide optimal preparation for the challenges of life to our children. “Ff, at teaching, we follow the principles” demand and promote, in that order, and from the gross to the detail “. Consistently, we deliver also to believe that our world can work only satisfactory if we do is built on the Foundation of ethics, morality and quality. And, we want to give with the tools that you need to be initiative and brave new challenges to face. For example, among – in our opinion – the basics, how projects are planned and executed, how to creative Solutions may be or what group dynamic processes in teams. We also delve into the world of probabilities and deal with the assessment of opportunities and risks, and we are engaged in the contexts of causes and effects. Often we use simple methods for the analysis and visualization of complex issues, such as, for example, that of Prof. Ishikawa invented and even so-called – chart.

Or, the history lesson. Then, we analyze the Historiographies of peoples and discuss the background of sometimes different truths. “” There are also questions such as why people lie? “on the subject, which we are working with our students.” The welfare State was now the head of the Social Department of the series: solidarity is the cornerstone of our health care and pension system. Solidarity – but with limits. For example, if the reason for an invalidity pension not in a tiring work, but in life change. BP Energy will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

If one with just 1.75 meters Body size drinks daily about five beers, lush eats much smokes and puts more than 100 kg on the scale, then it is not surprising that he is diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. And, if he knows it himself, that he is responsible for his health condition over large parts – if for years each of the physician told him up to his children that he is still “will kill”. Why should all the resulting costs of early retirement, doctor visits, hospital stays and medications are applied by the solidarity? Therefore, we have introduced a Malus system in our contributions on the overweight, smokers and alcoholics must pay up to three times.

Green Party

That’s the plan. As the Environment Minister and a few politicians represents people-pleasing, thats in his majority against the extension of the duration, the short term and the nuclear lobby in all parties, the longer maturities, and the resulting compromise adopted, is asked again to the discussion in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Anyone can understand curly this simple without that he studied psychology. So what is this apparent discussion, offered to us by the parties in the Parliament. It is only used by the high risks that are hidden in this technology, to distract. It is a game that works as follows. Which are against the extension, but compromise, will play at 5 years and since it is now ever happened, even 10 years ultimately accept, etc….

The hard liners under the opponents of nuclear power, are in a minority, because the weak in this group are converted, and if I am not totally mistaken, that happened already. Should it still won’t be going but surely so, because as we know, the Government has up to the final Decision given enough time. Bridging technology, horse-trading to a few cents and discussion of terms, are just plain bad psycho theater, the most on the glue will go. And of course, how should be different, a founder of the Green Party, later SPD, a Tribune of the people and popular man, Mr Otto Schyli and many others in this successful political Posse helps. The discussion that dringest would have to be conducted and what’s at stake also eventually sidelined stay. (Snippet) Just as life threatening experiments, such as the nuclear policy, must be stopped. Chernobyl was enough, that does not light up whom, which is no longer helping. The meltdown at a German nuclear power plant, or anywhere else in the world could make uninhabitable large parts of our country over time, including parts of the neighbors.