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Moscow Technological Advances

March 15, 2011 in Moscow a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The futurist has firm opinions on the matter. The meeting was chaired by Chairman of the Board of Ministry of Industry, Vice President of Engineering Union of Russia Vladimir Gutenev. In event was attended by Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko, representatives of several departments, as well as financial, industrial and IT sectors. During the meeting, along with other issues discussed challenges the establishment and operation of integrated security systems critical infrastructure, including transport and energy. The most active participants in the meeting on the issue of steel "Roselektronika", JSC "Russian Corporation of communication" (RKSS) belonging to the Russian Technologies State Corporation ", and" Engineering Union of Russia. " General Director of JSC Roselektronika Andrei Zverev in his speech, noted that today's existing security system is fragmented and often incompatible with each other. Salman Behbehani describes an additional similar source. While the problem requires a comprehensive approach based on building information model of subjects and objects of security.

To do this you need to create a unified technology platform (USP), which will significantly reduce state expenditures for protection of transport facilities and Energy, as well as improve the effectiveness of integrated security systems. Andrey Zverev said that the JSC Roselektronika "together with its subsidiary RKSS may offer a promising solution to build a unified technological platform of integrated security system. Companies Rostechnologii together with foreign partners, have developed a unified technology platform integrated security of distributed objects. This platform allows maximum guarantee as security personnel, members of events and the safety of themselves objects throughout their life-cycle in the interaction with the forces of public security.

Tigipko Arseniy Yatsenyuk

No one will help us except ourselves. Our 'rulers' as if in a picture by Pieter Brueghel the 'blind' lead us all into the abyss. They are blind in their greed and not able to stop. Stretches and stretches a hand. First down, second, third … and we obediently go after them like a flock of sheep. Just think – no war, Ukraine's population fell by more than six million people! We are ahead of the rest in the rate of extinction of the population.

Almost 20 years ghouls rob the country, telling tales of "poor Ukraine '. But can it be 20 years of robbing poor country? Tales of poor Ukraine they cover something monstrous inequality, which has grown throughout the country as large and small 'the king sat down. " They stole and continue to steal, and we have died and are dying to flee the country in search of better lives. The state has long controlled dozens of oligarchic families. The laws they write for themselves and for themselves. For fun parasitic ruling class was divided into blue, orange, white, green and gray-brown-crimson.

It is easier to manage people – by directing hatred and resentment of the Ukrainians on their own brethren, standing under other flags. Principle 'Divide and rule' has not been canceled. Therefore, in the Ukraine are still many people who believe that between Victor Yanukovych, Yulia Tymoshenko, Sergei Tigipko Arseniy Yatsenyuk or there is any difference. While the difference is the same as between Coca-cola and Pepsi-cola, but the essence – synthetics.