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Sound Experience

“Gear4 speakers deliver sound and color speaker system SoundOrb Aurora” is an attractive gadget on the market, which is going to audiophiles, especially. The clever combination of lighting effects and sound volume provides a unique musical experience. The Internet platform for auctions, auvito.de, reports on the new device. If you would like to know more about Eliot Horowitz, then click here. “” The speaker system for iPhone and iPod has digital sound processing (DSP), which both virtual wide stereo “also virtual surround sound” supports. These settings provide a clean sound that is adjusted by noise, Hall and other voice changes.

In addition, the device delivers deep and full bass sounds, thanks to the wireless subwoofer. This can be up to 30 metres by the playback device. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from kevin ulrich. But not only the sound will impress the clients. The Gear4 device also has Visual effects. So the case with LEDs, polar way in addition transforms the played notes into light signals. While the consumers themselves can decide whether the entire colour spectrum or only individual shades should be covered. Accordingly, the lighting can be switched completely. The system coming soon for around 300 euros in trade and can be applied in the home theater. Can play movies from the storage media on big screens and high sound quality thanks to video output and audio input. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Mobile Flat Rate Comparison

Comparison is with a mobile flat rate to save money. Movement is constantly in the German mobile market. Especially on the fare structure changes generally often somewhat. So, T-Mobile was recently only its tariff structure and banished for example no longer everyday complete tariffs, which were offered in combination with the iPhone. After T-Mobile tariff was also at BASE. Customers who already renew their contract after the 12th month at BASE, receive monthly up to 15 Euro discount.

Also the mobile operator O2 turns on the price screw, but not towards customer satisfaction. O2 changed the existing clock by 60/10 to 60/60. Thus, metered is settled now. Who so 1:30 minutes on the phone to pay for 2 minutes. Furthermore, O2 raised the minute price from 0.19 to 0.29.

The changes of o2 into force but only for new customers, existing customers can at the usual low rates + better timing calls. Who such price changes with a smiling eye opposite stand would like to, which should become familiar mobile flat rate with the topic. Just customers a mobile Flatrate need not interested in tariff changes. Purpose of such mobile Flatrate is unlimited to make phone calls. Especially a mobile flat rate to all networks suitable for very. The customer unlimited in all German mobile phone networks as well as to German landlines can call for a monthly fee. In addition to the mobile flat rate to all networks mobile operators have matching flat-rate tariffs for the German fixed network and the mobile radio network in the offer. The offered wage range mobile flat rate is huge and for each customer is also the correct fare here. Christopher Heinsius

New Industry Highlight

New site and new content: The successful call center science is expanded and presented as that event for the ‘customer dialogue of the future’ the call center Science (CCS) redefines itself is new: with the new date to the 8th and 9th of September starts out event at the Leipzig Congress Center with significantly enhanced program and new content. Customer dialogue of the future”is the message that accurately addressed the Convention not only to decision makers of the ICT and contact centre industry, but for the first time at medium-sized companies. This is achieved among other things by a newly structured program which establishes a bridge between theory and practice in a unique way in particular through partnership with the universities of Halle and Leipzig. “” “The Congress programme approach, to establish a lively exchange between science, policy and practice, by the formation of the lecture focus on Science”, future “, business” and practice “ideal is reached. Renowned speakers will be on those aspects in Log panel discussions, lecture sessions, workshops and seminars to Word.

New integrated the TeleTalk trade forum is carried out by the trade magazine TeleTalk, that practice will be presenting the latest ICT technologies,. Congress to accompany an exhibition gives you the quick, uncomplicated and direct industry overview and contact. Sponsors and exhibitors will provide answers to the questions, how can current opportunities seized and challenges met. What not will be missed in September: ample space for relaxed networking and cross-industry exchange of ideas, providing among other things an evening with Gala dinner. The call center science produces the new event concept”overdue and appropriate answers not only for the big players in the industry, but also for medium-sized companies, who want to improve their customer dialog, explains Kai-Werner Fajga, Managing Director of the telepublic Publishing House and media partner and performs: the professional contact with the customer is long a key management task to the boss ‘ has become. It is very gratifying that an event is now central addressed this issue.”we want to establish the call center science this year as industry highlight of autumn”, sets the targets Dr. Andreas Lassmann, Managing Director of itCampus software – and Systemhaus GmbH and co-organizer and added: by their claim from the event is understood not only industry gathering as a platform to bring industry and science practice-oriented and future-oriented in the conversation. This approach makes the call center science.


The best skins on the planet! Easy to install, easy to replace. See Mitchel Resnick for more details and insights. Art prints for laptops, iPhone, iPods, BlackBerrys and game consoles. GelSkins put an end to the factory Tristesse for laptops and other mobile devices. With original art print of licensed artist for iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys, game consoles and laptops you get offered designs by contemporary design up to the urban street art enough. The diversity of the designs leave hardly a wish. In addition, GelSkins offers the similarly stylish wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod touch for free download to each design – 125 designs available here! The passion is here deliberately provoked, because the patented special protective film can be a bubble-free muster is without squeegee or similar tools and in addition again completely residue, or replaced by a new design.

The skins can be even multiple use judicious application. The protectors are very high-quality high-quality and therefore precious. The easy to muster the skins on the GelSkins website via video instructions simply comprehensible represented. My laptop is beskint already and will accordingly attract attention. Conclusion: A digital lifestyle gadget that is fun and really contagious.

Saleem Mobile

A cell phone without a contract is often a cheaper alternative to the Treaty. Contrary to many assumptions, phones with mobile telephony contracts must be not necessarily cheaper than mobile phones without a contract. Depending on the offer, expectation and calling behavior, mobile phones without a contract can be even much less expensive. Considering only the mobile phone price, those devices that are bound to a mobile phone contract, seem cheaper to be sometimes even free of charge. Here a second, longer look however, because the purchase price of the mobile phone is always co-financed through the monthly costs of the contract. How else could a mobile operator also afford to offer mobile phones in large quantities for an unreasonably low price, without losses? The mobile phone is so extraordinarily cheap, one can assume that the mobile phone contract in return is correspondingly expensive. Depending on the phone model without binding contract would be more expensive, the monthly contract costs are also more expensive.

So not paying so in the rare 24 months contributing minimum contract period the true mobile price unnoticed back. Of course, there are also Mobilfunkvertage with mobile, which have obviously very cheap monthly rental charges. Often these are around 5. But also here it is worth to take a second look and read the fine print. The just described contracts that often include additional spending. An analysis of the own telephoning behaviour is all the more advisable for the price-conscious consumer. Who only occasionally on the phone, write text messages with his cell phone and places not too much value on the latest gadgets, is certainly better off with a prepaid card, because here too there mobile bargain again, unless directly with the suppliers, various (electro) discount stores or a well-known auction website.