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The Congstar Stick

Who wants to surf mobile with Congstar, should stick to the Congstar decide. Meanwhile Germany wide can stick the Congstar mobile on the Internet be. But not the full HSDPA is in the download yet (high speed downlink packet access) speed. The selection of Internet surf sticks is great. A lot has happened on the Prepaidsektor. In addition to the major mobile operators, there are especially the discounters, which have discovered this market for itself.

Some of them have earned a good reputation in the course of time. Stick the Congstar is regarded here as one of the cheapest. As with him, the daily use of the Internet 2.49 Euro costs. Has you a chosen on the Internet, can you then 24 hours surfing at this rate. To broaden your perception, visit ???? ????. Regardless of whether you snack has logged out itself. Is the Internet then some days not taken, one must fear no further costs. Because this product is the prepaid, you must take no long contract periods. Also, a fee will not be charged and a minimum turnover does not exist.

Only the one-time purchase price is payable. This is 39.99 euros and includes 4 days free surfing. The credit is used up, it can be recharged at any time. By plug & play, the device will be detected at any time and can be connected to any modern PC or laptop. The D1 network which allows fast surfing with UMTS and HSDPA is used. Also the phone calls and send short releases is possible. 9 cents per minute or SMS are calculated for this. 2009 Congstar connect by the magazine “as best rate awarded. Included is included as well as an Internet Manager. This allows the management of the phone book to get an overview of the credits and an overview of the connections. Christopher Heinsius

Which Prepaid Discount Is The Best?

The various packages at a glance this week there is a new provider on the prepaid discount store market. There is talk of o.tel.o, a range of Vodafone. Thus, the last of the four major operators has launched its own discount brand. The others are: Congstar, behind which the Telekom simyo by E-Plus and Fonic at o2. But what are the benefits of the individual brands. To compare now.

First of all notice that it is identical to the price when all four providers. For nine cents per minute phone call you within Germany and can query his may box free of charge. An SMS also nine cents, also here the offers do not differ. Learn more about this topic with the insights from ???? ????. While the price at all is the same, the provider of the mobile data usage differ. Congstar, simyo and Fonic set here to a volume-based billing, while o.tel.o customers pay a minute price of 9 cents for mobile Internet access. Congstar offers only the UMTS speed of up to 384 kBit / s connection, the other three suppliers have also use the HSPA in the Program. The network of E-plus here but not particularly well built, which affect on the prepaid brand simyo.

End of 2009 announced E-Plus however, continue to build out this network in the future. It is a big difference at the party, when looking at the cost of a call abroad. At congstar, such a conversation always costs 1.99 per minute. The other vendors are much cheaper here. More info: Atmos Energy. Fonic calculated 9 cents per minute – the same price as in the German networks in the fixed networks of European and North American countries. A minute price of 29 cents is charged for calls to the mobile networks of the two continents. You pay also nine cents per minute to landline foreign o.tel.o. But only in 32 selected countries. To sum up, all discount stores have interesting offers that you have to ask but always according to your needs as a customer and should then select. More information and a detailed comparison of the Prepaid providers can be found on Michael trade

LTE Fares – When The First Presented?

So far, still no details about the possible rates are known. A major concern of many people is to use the Internet quickly and securely. Speeds achieved today, are more than passable. Almost nationwide is also a good covered by UMTS network given. But now there seems here to be a changing of the guard in the near future.

The 4th generation of mobile telephony, the LTE, could appear on the German market already 2011. Long term evolution presented are the network providers all over the world as a promising technology. First field tests were conducted in the United States, East Asia and here in Europe in Scandinavia. This could under laboratory conditions”to achieve up to 300 Mbit / s data transfer rates. These can be naturally not in practical use. Is calculated at rates of 150-170 MB / s.

The cost for the LTE could move in the healthy part. This read the 4 major German operators (T-mobile, Vodafone, O2 and – Plus) also a sum of 4.4 billion to invest. So much achieved the frequency allocation by the Federal Network Agency. Because the existing UMTS network can be used, the LTE tariffs should bring pleasant surprises. The UMTS networks must be only modified and partially renewed. The central theme of the LTE is the mobility. This will bring many benefits for the user. So, not only the residents of remote regions will be the Profitteure. It is even possible that the speech is not only known devices such as telephone, the Internet to connect to PC or laptop, but also by digital cameras and game consoles. This makes possible the direct transmission of images and a mobile connection.