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Depression is one of the evils that attack over the mind and the soul of the people in the modern era. This evil, than many experts in psychology and Sciences dealing with the behavior is so widespread human already consider it a common evil, almost like the flu from the biological point of view which is that of physicians. Due to the spread of this evil around the world, many people who go to experts to find out the causes of depression that have led them to their situation. There are also many studies on the causes of depression there, to be able to help these people who have problems with this evil of the soul and the mind. Many can be the causes of depression that attack people who suffer from it.

The causes of depression in endogenous depression causes and causes of depression reactive are generally classified. The endogenous causes of depression are that come inside so to speak, because there is no one reason or an external fact that has occurred and which move the person to feel depressed. The reactive depression causes are that befall people after having occurred an event which caused them sadness and it became prolonged and gave them a negative attitude towards life and before it themselves. Regarding reactive depression causes, we must extend further his concept. Reactive depression causes are those facts and events of life that a person, to see that occur, it makes a negative interpretation of them and face this fact and such interpretation takes an attitude of sadness, anger, upset that profoundly affects him its ability to respond to life and to feel good about the circumstances surrounding it. The causes of reactive depression are generally those that allow experts to do a better job on persons and where it is most possible that people overcome this depression. Indeed, when the causes of depression are reactive is possible through therapy, without drugs and without anything additional that people return to feeling comfortable with his life and themselves and also want to move forward with so many things that due to the depression you have left behind. The causes of endogenous depression are more complex and usually require greater attention from experts on the mind and the soul to heal.

Endogenous depression is characterized because there are not a few causes of depression that are immediately identifiable. Usually when you ask a person with endogenous depression are the causes of your depression, this person responds that she doesn’t know because it feels so sad and happens what happens. This makes a more difficult challenge treat people who seek help and have endogenous depression. The problem of the causes of the depression is a major problem for people dealing with doing therapies and research on the behavior and the human soul, often knowing the causes of depression is possible to determine the way in which the person can return to restore its normal psychic behavior. Original author and source of the article