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Protein And Energy

The results of all experiments were similar: to ensure good energy production and maintain this energy for a long time food should contain protein, fats and carbohydrates. The level of performance depends primarily on the amount of protein intake. Carbohydrates as an energy source is gradually consumed only when combined with proteins and fats, which slow down digestion. Typically, breakfast consists of many of the foods that contain mainly sugar and starch. The reason for their availability and cheapness.

Protein foods do not often adorns the table. Cereal, toast, sandwiches – contain starch, which is in the process of digestion is rapidly converted into sugar. Some add in tea or coffee refined sugar, use and other sweets (jam, jam) as an additive to porridge or bread. As a result, blood is pumped a lot of sugar, which leads to increased work of the pancreas and insulin hanged. Extra insulin leads to the fact that an increased amount of sugar in the blood is quickly replaced by a reduced amount of it that prevents efficient energy production. As a result, perhaps surprisingly, comes fatigue. For active people just need a breakfast high in protein! Studies have shown that performance within three hours after ingestion is stored only if consumed at least 22 grams protein, and foods containing 55 grams of protein, provides a high tone of the energy metabolism and active for six hours. It has been proved by many experts, that performance is maintained longer in increasing protein intake.

Viva Cocktail-fit coffee – one of the most important products for breakfast, cocktail Viva-fit coffee company VIVASAN included in the article "Balanced food 'Swiss regulations on food products, according to which the energy content of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in a balanced product quality and quantity so that they can be replaced with a one-time meal, or even daily diet with providing the body with all the necessary elements. In principle, here we are talking about the best-chosen and well-balanced diet with intake of fewer calories. Viva Cocktail-fit Coffee contains an optimal combination of 12 essential vitamins and minerals, a balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Calorie in this case is only 54 calories per 100 ml drink. Viva-fit Coffee is composed of milk protein, which is much healthier than meat and fish proteins. Digestibility of milk protein in a mixed diet is 98%. Milk protein contains all the essential amino acids a person, including a full range of irreplaceable, and in a favorable ratio for the body. In order to maintain efficiency and energy throughout the day, it is important to ensure that all meals are adequate protein, fats and carbohydrates. For to maintain optimal blood sugar levels may snack between meals. This snack should contain protein, fats and carbohydrates and should not be abundant. And here is the problem – rather than just to find a snack for a healthy and nutritious food. Well-being and performance can and should be provided throughout the period of wakefulness. Perhaps the simplest and most accessible version of such a bite out of verified – Viva cocktail-fit coffee. A great way to snack without the extra calories and to charge the body with energy, which provide protein and vitamins. In addition, the preparation of this tasty and balanced cocktail takes only a few minutes. Keep yourself and loved ones the right food!