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All we would have to know, something carpentry, the necessary works in a house are multiple, and that of knowing we could realise, them, with some few tools. In a house they exist infinity of elements, that make our life but comfortable, that they have to do with the carpentry. The work of carpentry not only can be a hobby, but also a way to obtain comfort and economy for us. Not always we counted on the resources to be able to order them to some factory, or it is not easy to find in the market the object that adapts to our tastes or needs. And often we must delay them by this same reason. We did not repair in giving account us which a simple object or comfort can make change the type us of life the psychic state, or our status social. They are only necessary, to count on a little ability manual, some tools (it does not believe that many) and desire to realise them. The technology to revolutionized the materials of the lumber industry, to such point that is extremely easy execution, since simply it consists of cutting and arming, is the case of the plated panels of melamine agglomerate.

And that we could obtain including them cut in accordance with our necessity. In order to work with effectiveness he is indispensable to know these new possibilities. Mainly it is necessary to know the techniques handling of the wood and like using the tools adapted for each of them. But one does not worry, in the businesses of the branch it will find all the information and it will count on the advice so it wishes to realise. One does not worry either about the tools, it begins with the basic ones, and in the measurement that is necessary to them, it is acquiring them; that yes, an advice, tries to buy tools of good quality, since this will mean better quality to him in the work, with smaller effort, it is very significant to the difference that will be saving, when realising it you same.

He realises a small analysis of costs, the project that he has in mind, on the one hand the price of the product in the market and on the other, the cost of the materials, it will surprise the difference to him. And is not it wants that it to excite, but will arrive at the conclusion that by the value of the product in the market, can realise two or up to three from those projects that it has in mind. An advice: he never begins a work without a detailed plane, drawn on an suitable scale, plans and he studies the project to realise, he will see that in this way, they will arise to him new ideas and alternatives. The planes will also allow him to make a better analysis of cost. In order to count on 14,000 planes of carpentry, with explanation step by step and of how to realise them, with photos and croquis, I want to much more suggest an excellent material to him, that it will allow him to make reality all his projects, and. Good luck But information on this article: Planes wood. 14,000 planes step by step.

Sergio Lapegue

Sergio Lapegue, journalist star of the moment in the Argentina, it garnered many enemies (who consider it as fans, to the point of having his own Club’s Fans, making it one of the few journalists who have this peculiarity. Beyond the opinion that each one has in terms of its style, it is that this journalist for 44 years, a native of Banfield, reached a style itself, spontaneous, with phrases that are his trademark, already as Dale, that we are friends, or stay until one. The journalist began his career front cameras being Telenoche movilero, and touched his debut in one day more than difficult to cover: the bombing of the AMIA, in 1994. He then spent also by experiences which has commented in several interviews, already not difficult emotional level, but in which they had to be a magician of the word in order to fill spaces, such as when had to talk for four hours about an eclipse. It is also a fan of music, mainly from Elvis Presley.

That is why porla which he called his son Elvis. He was also part of a rock band in his adolescence. Since the death of Mario Mazzone, TN leads in prime time, and continues to lead the space where he coined his famous phrases and style: TN at midnight. Also leads program tells him a friend, issued by FM Blue. Those who look at midnight feel accompanied for the newscast, and truly see him as a friend. That is why that the journalist for not receive letters, gifts or requests for autographs. In several interviews he said that you usually return these attentions by calling his admirers. Such is the response that generated in the public, that even has a fan club: the Lovers Lape, and several groups on Facebook.

The largest, so Bank to death to Sergio Lapegue, has more than 7400 members. During 2008, Lapegue was all a celebrity, and as such, did not stop being protagonist of rumors, from which posicionaban him as a future Member of CQC, in replacement of Eduardo de la Puente, or as a driver of morning informal, to those in which linked it is romantically involved with Andrea de el Boca. Also met another milestone from which all celebrity can not lack: was part of now classic characters from the year’s people magazine cover. And you what you think of Lapegue?