Returning Windows

When removing the windows solution partially or completely dropped, and so again we have to use bricks and mortar. In addition, such brick houses in the extraction process of the openings of the old windows often begin to break down the outer slopes (quarters). After decades since they were finishing, the material loses its strength, and better to make new slopes than restore the old. Sometimes the window is on dobornom rod, and low tide is mounted to the lower frame of the window block at a steep angle. Zamerschik removes the outer size of the tide, and when removing the window with the tide tiles and fixing timbers Installers get a larger size of the opening height.

In this situation, the owner must specify gager, whether it is necessary to measure the window to him, taking into account the potential increase in the aperture or opening will be raised to the height of the previous window. Most predictable situation – with the standard panel houses. There is a standard value of a quarter, certainly a known quantity. Performed a quarter of the same material as the wall panel. Here – the least amount of "Surprises" when installing windows.

* Returning to the peculiarities of installation in older homes, we are again: to make precise measurements of openings in older homes and to anticipate all the nuances of the above is almost impossible. Openings everywhere different, and the judge all the openings, one open as a result of prior removal is difficult. Although, after such removal, the picture is generally clear, and accurate measurement, of course, increases. For even greater accuracy should be understood that each opening can have its own characteristics, opening only look directly at the time of extraction of the window. On the other hand, the same configuration on windows overlooking the front one, you still need to be uniform in size.