Luis Marcano

Deputy Minister of planning of the power Popular for science and technology, Luis Marcano Gonzalez has expressed in this regard, the social appropriation of knowledge that seeks to promote social inclusion and to limit the gap that exists in the Venezuelan society, in order to seek the independence of science and technology, to contribute to the security and sovereignty of the nation. Remarks: We are convinced and the country much more, that without scientific and technological research, cannot be guaranteed the sovereignty and independence of the country. Highlights in addition. Luis Marcano in a forum on this topic, organized at the University of Carabobo, which will work proactively by the development of technology and science and his proactivity will be generated by supported strategic criteria with three guidelines, which are the knowledge for local endogenous development; i.e., we are working so that the knowledge is not a matter exclusively centres of accumulation of knowledge, but that is a matter for society as a whole. In other words, that the policies of the Ministry, are not solely and exclusively to a particular audience, in this case researchers, professors of the universities, or who are engaged in scientific and technological activities, but that they are of the entire population.

Other criteria, are the fundamental knowledge to guarantee the life and peace, it is also stated ethical character and the strengthening of the national system of science, technology and innovation. Marcano Remember that there are five balances of the National Plan for economic and Social development, approved in its second part in this new constitutional period, these being the economic balance, social equilibrium, the politician, the territorial and international. We hope that this initiative of the national Government, of supporting technological development and science, a fact some more in a scenario such as this, where the characteristics of universities specifically, shown great weaknesses, which can be reduced:-low participation of universities in the solution of national problems, especially in support of the productive sector, providing consistent professionals to the needs that arise. -Absence of boxes of research, teachers, researchers identified with national problems. -Integrative binding absence of national universities through lines research that will help to give answers to the major economic, technological problems faced.

-Absence of linkage and participation of the universities with the economic programs of the State. -Absence of participation of enterprises with universities that requires further integration, in order to provide them with these, collaboration in training, training of technicians, professionals able to interpret the needs of the environment and better optimize the management of their economic resources.