Car Parts Search By Carmio Added By

The auto parts price comparison Carmio is Germany’s large car Portal its car parts locator available on Germany’s big car Portal stands next to the search for used and new cars from now the auto parts search by Carmio available. It now among other things also the evaluation and buying used cars is easier for Internet users. As for the supposed car bargains not afford to later, the cost and the availability of spare parts must will be included before used car buying in the calculations. The integration of a range of auto parts was the next logical step for our portal. Through the auto parts search of Carmio, our users have the possibility to combine their search for a new vehicle, and after the appropriate spare parts. This saves time, effort, and money”, founded – editor in Chief Thomas Kuwatsch the new function.

The user can now search for auto and spare parts on a platform and must to control no longer different portals. Using the search form in the Auto Parts Department to accesses the user directly to the database of Carmio and receiving so quickly and easily offers 3 for his query, such as brake or exhaust parts for the VW Golf, Opel Astra, or BMW. Are all the proven features of available on ‘One-Click’ free text search-function, comparison of different manufacturers, online stores and delivery and price savings when purchasing a part of up to 70 percent. The cooperation with opens up a new car-savvy audience, which to date might still did not know that there is a price comparison for car spare parts on the Internet with Carmio us”, Carmio’s founder Nikolai Roth is pleased.