Vision Integral

Intelligence holistic is the ability of consciousness to discern what is true as true and what is false as false, is based on the eye of the spirit, is a spiritual capacity, arises when there are integrity and harmony between the faculties, thoughts and feelings of the individual, serves to know ourselves. In this way, the intelligence and the certainty are the inner lumen of compassion, are the basis of a new spirituality for the S-XXI. The educator holistic lives of compassion, study holistic education is to study ourselves. A VISION INTEGRAL education in the second book of a Vision Integral education is exposed an integral vision of what is the holistic education which focuses on the evolution of human consciousness, to advance from the body to the spiritual experience to enable us to live life as a single whole, in a multinivel-multidimension perspective and differentiating quality of integrity in this 21st century changing global era, is of great importance for the educational processYou can no longer keep with an industry scientific paradigm that is not enough for the new culture holistic requiring today. Today, it is necessary an integral formation with an awareness of interdependence, cooperation and global peace, with a transcendent educational paradigm, based on spirituality with a pedagogy of universal love. A paradigm shift global in a context that will allow the development of holistic with high sensitivity human education is therefore needed. Holistic comes from Greek holos meaning whole, referring to the understanding of reality in function of totalities in integral processes in a complex holarquia, which covers the basics maybe, to the superior through natural hierarchies of development towards a full realization. Then, the holistic education is an education for peace, human brotherhood, promotes the development of an awareness of Concord, solidarity and cooperation, believes that the essence of life is harmony, is a pedagogy of universal love.