The United Kingdom

The armamentismo, according to the dictionary is: The Ideology or attitude of in favor countries of the progressive increase of its military power, but as it says the dictionary to it, this is an ideology that is to say, are the ideas, the thoughts, the sensations of certain people or some group of being able. Then, if the armamentismo represents an ideology or attitude, why then all the countries with certain ideologies or attitudes are not armament, because it is simple basically for want of resources (case that generally, occurs in underdeveloped countries of the Third World or like African or some of South America), or simply because some policies or limitations prevent it (case that for example occur in Iraq, Afghanistan and good part of the countries which they surround to the Persian gulf, this due to the military occupation of several countries of NATO, with the United States at the top); but now we speak of the countries with but armaments and majors military programs (armament), of planet.

FIRST PLACE: The United States of North America, (Spends: USD 583.283.000.000) By the trained and armed country with the best one I exercise much of the planet, has been present in all the important conflicts to partis of s.XX and until now it does not stop, it owns the greater arsenal of nuclear weapons and strategic of the world along with Russia. Note: Never there is lost a war from his official creation in: 1775. SECONDLY PLACE: France, (It spends USD 74.690.470.000) Definitively, a military power in the world and the European continent, all their I exercise has been upgraded in power progressively from its humiliating defeat and later occupation, by Nazi Germany (1940-1944), also owns capacity and nuclear weapon. THIRD PLACE: The United Kingdom, (It spends USD 68.911.000.000) Another great candidate has to have one of the armies better trained and enabled of the world, their military expenses have been decreasing in the last years thanks to a liberal policy and the opocisin of puueblo against the great ones military expenses, are I exercise with capacity and nuclear weapon.