Technology Data

The objective of this work is to show the interfaces of the Arquivologia with the Technology of the Information, therefore this technology is each more predominant and important time in ours daily lives and also in the life of documents and the information. Consequently, the interdisciplinalidade with this technology is an imperative for the Arquivologia. 2 Presentation of discussoNa interface of the Arquivologia with (Technology of the Information) – YOU, according to Camargo (1994), it has the question of the isolated data of the context. It clarifies that the document alone has meant inside of a set, that never studies the individual part in the Arquivologia. Thus, the critical one of the originalidade of a document alone is possible if it will be tied with the original sequence, obeying the beginning of the provenincia.

When approaching the vital cycle of a document, in the questions that involve the mutation of the support, new problems are brought for the Arquivologia: the way of transference and the interdependence. Many times, in YOU, the document is seen alone, isolated of the context, in the reading of the data, but it cannot be isolated for the concepts of the Arquivologia. It adds this the fact of that, in the vital cycle, innumerable transformations with mutation of the support occur. YOU it has that to have capacity to control, to guarantee and to preserve the document in the changes of the support in its vital cycle. The arquivstica of the direction is the informacional, that is, the linear science that work with the physical accumulation, meters or cubical meters. This is defined by Camargo (1994) as a pejorativo term. The author defends that the arquivstica of the direction must be ' ' decipherer of the documentary data and questionadora of the sources adormecidas' ' , in the traditional supports. If she cannot say that she has consensus in treating and defining the documentary universe of the areas of the archivists, librarians, documentaristas and professionals of YOU, therefore these professionals know the question of the preservation in the new supports, that engloba the durability, legibility, intervenincia of the machine and technological obsolescence.