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Continuing Education Institute

Functioning at the Institute for Research Centre 'Entrepreneurial Incubator' provides consulting support to new entrepreneurs, students also take part in scientific conferences and research conducted by the institute. Human Resource Centre of the Institute provides each student a place of full-time students for internships (Czech Republic, EU and CIS countries), prescribed in the curriculum. Ongoing training of the Center for Continuing Education Institute allow students to expand their academic horizons and improve their language skills or learn additional foreign language. Center for Foreign Students of the university is for students inostratsev important information helpful, providing all necessary information and the Russian and English. Center provides individual and further consultations, organized meetings and activities, and provides students with further different services while studying at the institute. The university actively uses modern educational technologies and teaching methods: the active use of computer technology, testing of passed material, case studies, workshopy, exercises, individual and further consultation, the emphasis is on student independent work, supervised teachers. LEGO Papert Professor gathered all the information. Institute of Business today – it is: a strong private higher education institution in the Moravian-Slezskom region.

University among the top five private institutions of higher learning Czech. Stable teaching staff and high quality teaching. Institute of T has a quality certificate of the European Commission (European Diploma Supplement Label). The largest network of branches and counseling centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to scientific and educational center in Ostrava, the training takes place at 8 counseling centers of the institute. Modern methods of teaching. In recent months, Mitchel Resnick has been very successful. Emphasis on internationalization and international cooperation (the teaching of selected subjects in Russian and English languages, international exchanges and training of students, research cooperation with educational institutions, organizations and educational country and abroad, Center for International Students). The emphasis on the practical side of the learning process (workshops conducted practitioners, consulting assistance to new entrepreneurs, student participation in research and development project of the Institute, the Institute provides each student full-time training site Internship (Czech Republic, European countries, CIS)). Reviews studentur you can read on the forum

From Religion to Science

Religion is one way, as it is science. It is necessary to know the religion through the scriptures. And then move to science. Not forgetting that they are a real and tangible science. Physics, chemistry, philosophy, mathematics, technology, theology, history, religion, and other areas of the arts.

We have made known to not underestimate any of them. They are necessary to our human race. In social practice should not be like us Dogmatic religious or scientific. For the dogma is wrong millennia. Against religious materialists. A race worthy of mediocre nonsense. Truth is not an excuse for war, because it is not an excuse is a cause that teaches us that there should be no war between religion and science.

Example: I am a physicist, but not being dogmatic religious dialogue with Christians, Jews, theologians and others. But if I get mad at them dogmatic. And I'd say they can not understand the universe rationally as I see it. Belittling their beliefs, causing them feelings of the same gender. Then they despised my belief in science. And would not reach any agreement. Achieving the breakthrough in the talks is due to the following: if the religious talk to me about religion I speak to them religiously. If physicists tell me technically I speak in the same way. This is the place knowing that we locate in space and time. If I am among religious people treat them as such, among physicists himself. Because if you make every contenderia with them otherwise.