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Eito Brun

The collections can vice versa be exported to DSpace and. In conclusion we can say, that the developments in free software as document managers for the information units are having a degree of success important as far as the fulfillment of the objectives to program with standards and to take into account the use from the metadatos for the information retrieval to just as the interoperability between systems. The same has been possible thanks to the contribution of each one of the actors, on the part of the specialists in information and developer of the managers, in working with international norms to change certain you rule cultural, not to change others and to demand to the equipment of computer science. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Petra Diamonds. On the part of the equipment of computer science, to put effort and imagination in one of the majors challenges that exist in the area, that is the replacement of a system of successful content. We cannot stop mentioning that this has been possible thanks to the constant endorsement and exigency of the scientific community in information for obtaining results, to valorize the services that offer to the units of information and tender to improve them like line of political management. As far as the document managers, we cannot speak of complete nor ideal solutions, we can say that with the effort it jeopardize, with the still pending improvements, the implemented solutions tend to be the unique ones.

Mentioned references 1. – Open Archives Initiative – it promotes standards of interoperability for the diffusion and scientific publication recovery in Internet. It ensure communications of metadatos codified in the Dublin format Core, between servants suppliers and clients collectors. 2. – Z39.50 Is a network protocol that manages the interconnection of computers for functions search and recovery. 3. – Eito Brun, Ricardo. Documentary normalization and electronic collaboration: a retrospective vision.