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The psychological life of humans is complex and never develops in a perfect way. One of the characteristics of the human being is his own imperfection.Therefore, there are always children lags which are called them children’s wounds that when they are not recognized or accepted, can cause great pain in adult life.Of course, is not blamed anyone nor responsibility of adults, except in extreme cases like violence or abuse, however, and despite this, the person who suffers from them and suffers, regardless of why it happened, you need to do responsible heal to dignify your very existence.In this way, it is necessary to raised awareness and give us the task of curing them and assume them, because in this way will allow you to go through life with greater lightness. Within these wounds, some scholars, have spoken of it and we can say that there is for example: La Huella de abandono:e a wound important when we feel that we have been abandoned, not only on the physical plane, but in the emotional and psychological. Fear of loneliness is his tonic and therefore, they demand an exaggerated attention and presence.For people with footprint of abandonment, nothing is enough. You may wish to learn more. If so, Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank? is the place to go. He is expressed through words, not of the facts:-frequently ask: I want to, no matter you have a birthday party. they need confirmation.-claim: I’ve not talked all afternoon, your friends because where are – justify: I knew nothing of you, why, I’ll call – confirmation: can’t live so long without you. Finally, at times your demand becomes annoying and even irritating. What causes the couple strong feelings of anger, because people with footprint of abandonment seem to have no llenadera.

It is as if they have an inner hole that cannot be filled with nothing, and also living with great resentment, if the couple does not cover with each and every one of your expectations. The climate of the couple of frustration and powerlessness to not get your partner of that situation, they tend to depression and dependence. Cross River Bank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Some of them become codependent, and in general, are linked with couples of the what they can rely on to resolve them their needs or malfunctions, abandon them frequently in all senses. They are unstable and require the presence of the other in sum frequency, so that can get to live quite serious conflicts, especially when linked with couples indepndientes, autonomous or addicted or narcisitas. But the couple, as much as you do, you can never resolve the conflict of abandonment, it is a responsibility, if it is that you actually want to cure and heal your wounds of the heart. Attending workshops, it takes therapy, read books on self-help, in the end, today there are many resources in order to recover you and rely on your self-esteem and your person. Also, I have spoken about others injured as they are the of: rejection, humiliation and ijusticiEn Cecreto work on the quality of emotional life. If you want to work on that visit our site and acquires some of electronic materials with which you have a lot of options to heal.

Invest And Save

The importance of saving and investing there is a big difference between savings and investment. The stash, the piggy bank, the batch of the Office or the money under the mattress are typical examples of savings. Today, little is different estostradicionales methods of saving with a Bank checking account. Saving has a purpose: sacrifice present consumption for future consumption. Inflation, constant headache at the global level decreases that future consumption with respect to the current dramatic form. By the formatted savings now (and always) must be accompanied by a performance. A saving which offers performance can already be considered an investment. Investment involves risk.

Really the saving also. Not never know what can happen in our country or in our same home that may have repercucionesque weaken the value of our money. So irresponsibly but under foundations, it is natural that a person chooses to consume today and say no to investment. The previous is clearly not the right path. The risk around us. Does can this be our last day of life not? (I play wood). But if we got to see tomorrow, I hope to have increased my money, at least a little. There is an implicit rule for an investment and although it seems obvious, not all investors take it into account: investment exists because it is the means to fulfill an objective.

Why it is so important have a goal to invest, if I already understood that I must invest anyway? The answer is strategy. Your goal will tell us what term than instruments, that institution, how much risk can assume and what performance do I need to achieve my goal. I want go on vacation next year or I want to form a heritage to my children?, do I want to get together for a decent retirement or want to enjoy the status as me gives me upload to the montanarusa of the securities markets? The strategy is built on the basis of the amount, the period, the avercion to the risk and the objective, that at the same time, the latter will set the strategy to follow. Summing up the above: it is important to invest (or save with performance), we set ourselves a goal that’s reason for existence to our investment, we must plan a strategy that is consistent with our goal. In a question-answer forum CaaS Capital was the first to reply. And one last tip essential, I know diciplinado; follow your strategy and never lose sight of your goal.