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To create fun and cozy children’s environments, every idea or resource is well received. The bedroom of our children is their small universe, in which in addition to spend the hours of sleep, also pass funny moments of game. So it is that parents we strive to get a comfortable, safe, fun and witty, room for in this way stimulate the imagination of children. When they are newborn infants, the essential furniture in the bedroom are crib, Dresser changer and a shelf or decorative shelves. With the passage of time, we substitute the crib for a bed, remove the changer, and approximately when our small meets three years introduce significant changes.

The new colors, accessories and furnishings which develop his intellect at the time of the game and also help us to keep ordered the bedroom, are those that we will include little by little. Dollhouses can be converted into a multipurpose toy. Models of wood with various shelves, they are useful not only to invent games, also in them can put their toys in decorative way, as well as books, so important at this stage of growth, during which may begin in the good habit of reading with our help. Small, cute, and perfect to fulfil its main function: play dolls. An open house of dolls and traditional model, will grow with your child. If you want to adapt it to modern and contemporary children’s unadecoracion, all depend on Add-ons (boxes, baskets, dividers, books, etc) that you use to fill the interior.