Processing Equipment

Breakthroughs stimulate the production of new models of equipment for the production of paper. In our time, waste management and closed loop are important. These two factors often are decisive in the selection of equipment, as they allow full use of all raw materials and saves significant finance company. Sizes and compatibility of equipment for the paper also affects the organization production process. After all, the compact machines and mini-mills, which offer high performance, excellent pay off and allow you to save your workspace.

Good hardware compatibility promotes the expansion of capacities by linking various machines. This allows you to organize the entire production cycle of paper products. Modern equipment for the paper is a reliable and high performance. But do not forget about one more positive thing. It is easy to operate. This factor is often the deciding factor in choosing the equipment, since the ease of machine control and efficiency training eliminates any production from the mass of personnel problems.

Wide choice of capacities can help solve many problems. For example, produced a mini-factories for recycling of waste paper are able to give the final product in the form of bobbins with paper sanitary purposes. Waste paper, after a series of operations is prepared paper pulp, which goes to the grid table, where distributed and calibrated. Later, pressed paper is dried, cleaned and wrapped in a spool or log of a certain size. Good compatibility of equipment can immediately rewind the reel to reels toilet paper and paper towels. During rewinding paper unwound tighter and softened by stamping. In the next stage on a special machine is cutting into convenient rolls. After that, a special machine performs the packing boxes. Along with the mini-mills, there are stand-alone machines that perform a single operation, such as packaging, rewind or cutting. Many of them are perfectly integrated into the complex equipment paper. Bobinorazmotochny machine is used to rewind the reels in the log of which is further made rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. Machine for cutting paper base with a knife and tape convenient system setup used for rolls of paper. Size and sharpening the knife can easily adjust the relevant mechanisms of the machine. Among the variety of equipment for paper machines should be allocated production of recycled paper napkins. They are characterized by high profitability and good performance. This is achieved through the use of proven components for tools designed for high loads. Also cheapness of basic raw materials – waste paper, waste and closed loop production saves significant assets of the company. In the process, by stamping, folding and cutting, achieved the desired parameters of the future products. The work machine for the production of napkins, as most equipment for the paper, is semi-automated and requires minimal operator action. The output is ready with paper napkins embossing. Convenient and simple.