THE Sun the wall located behind children represents efforts and past events that have occurred both on a physical plane as spiritual, which were overcome, and now they feel safe. The mutual embrace of children means joy and happiness. Awaits the success, the result of their projects is favorable, but you will want to pay attention to not try to modify the situations too. Right: His appearance on our picture of exposure is sign of good omen of good luck, invites us to hope, because it is near the time of a good event, a great event, speaks of a happy union, in a good mood, perhaps a newly known friend make us an invaluable favour, shows a creative time, poetic inspiration, sensibility.You can represent in the set of letters to beloved man, the partner or husband, if who interrogates the tarot is a woman does not indicate that we are capable of taking life as it comes, and accept it as it is. Key words: material happiness. Marriage or happy relationship, collaboration. Success. Pleasure, power, motivation, inverted inspiration: solitude above all, perhaps due to a rupture of relations or an engagement, difficult, little suitable moment that can force us to cancel our plans, lost things of value.

Key words: discomfort, hypocrisy, arrogance, vanity. Commitment or lost work. Probing in the dark, disorientation. A desire to appear. Interpretations: In concrete terms: the wishes will be fulfilled and everything will be resolved in a satisfactory manner. Stage of great protection.At work: excellent working conditions which foresee success and triumph. In money: great fluency in revenues which will be abundant, as well as waste.In friendship: Buenos amigos with those who enjoy the pleasures of life.Family: harmony, understanding and unity. Health: care for the heart.In love: period to remember the intensity experienced in love and happiness.