International Multikoptertreffen

The world’s largest specialist developer and user fair for multiple aircraft rotor opens its doors on September 26, 2009 in the glass school in Rheinbach, now for the eighth time the world’s largest developers fair for multi rotor platforms will take place for the 8th time in Germany. Here, check the developers, manufacturers and users about the latest developments and show the latest features of its products. What was started by students as a youth research project, developed in less than a decade to a real boom. Sports equipment and sensor platforms up to experimental vehicles for academic now ready for mass production products have become in a few years from developments Q4 Y6 Hexacopter far beyond one hundred developers and users from Germany and neighbouring countries use the regularly scheduled event for exchanging experience and the presentation of the latest developments. Mitchel Resnick is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Due to the speed with which this technology developed further, the Organizer, the international Quadrocopter Association had to e.V., the frequency of the event at two events in the year set to keep an overview of the diverse innovations possible. As well at the previous events, again challenging tasks to participants are taken this time to master it.

So GPS navigation, optical position and navigation help, performance tests will require everything from developers, pilots and their flying machines. More information can be found on the page..