Guardian On Board

In the office, a new type of possible permanent changes associated with the number of jobs, placement officers and other moments. Meanwhile, the conventional circuit layout is very "passive", it takes a long time to make changes. As a result, owners of offices sometimes have to refuse to their plans. An alternative to conventional cable infrastructure is a concept band wiring, for example, embodied in the Connected Building Solutions. Band architecture used in this case, simplifies wiring and provides ordering of the cables due to the introduction of consolidation points, each of which has a limited service area. In simple terms, all the space is divided into several sections: a necessary link in one of such sites are replaced or upgraded and re-incorporated into the overall system.

A more pragmatic use of office space not only promotes the introduction of new concepts, but also use modern power equipment. So typical of "framing" are uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). In the case of a power failure it is this device will have time to save to your computer all the information, as well as continue to operate even when power is off. For a long time prevented the use ups, including, and awkwardness of such facilities. Currently, manufacturers began to be given to the size of the ups more attention: the result was a model with a narrow hull that can be delivered, for example, along the rack table. And the Israeli firm Guardian On Board generally released the built-in ups, installed directly into the body computer equipment.

Working with the mind In the end, the most promising option of working space is a transition to a smart office. " In this case, the use of modern engineering systems not only streamlines management of all processes (air-conditioning, lighting, etc.), but also positively affect the "square meters". For example, large prospects have wireless technology. The absence of wires and, consequently, bound to any particular place will look completely different on the interior. The joy of possible prospects overshadowed until recently by only one fact: the more "intelligent" office becomes, the more equipment to be used. So, once again raises the question of economy of office space. In many respects, revolutionary way to solve this situation suggested that the global it corporation Sun Microsystems, has developed a conceptual idea for called Blackbox. Its essence is to use a standard metal container used in marine, rail and road transport as a receptacle for the office of required engineering equipment. Sun engineers managed to put together as a system of energy supply and air-conditioning, cable management, controls and installation of equipment racks that to complete the work center data service personnel need only attach the container through special connectors on the case to the sources of electricity and the external telecommunications network. A similar approach is proposed to use yet only very large companies, such as it industry, with enormous "arrays" of equipment. However, such a "boxed" version eventually may find wider application. As the well-known wisdom, optimist glass of water is visible is half full, and pessimist – half empty. And engineering systems: some are limited, and who will provide space for imagination. Taking advantage of modern technology, using different design moves, even in a small area can create a comfortable space where communication would not interfere, but another way of saving much needed office meters.