Now that begin to settle the three console table that we will accompany a few years, it is high time to review the strengths and weaknesses of all of them to see which best suits our tastes. In any case this topic is fairly subjective and is not without controversy, so we will try to be fair and impartial as far as possible. The brain of the beast if we focus on the interior of the consoles (processors, memory,), is clear that there are two betting clearly differentiated in this generation: gross power (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3), and the use of established technologies (Wii). Let’s look at each of these in more detail. PlayStation 3 is a truly amazing machine, with the already famous Cell processor 3.2 GHz: formed by a central core (PPE) based on PowerPC, and other six cores called SPEs with RISC architecture.

Main memory is 256 MB, that should add video memory – other 256 MB – which has the GPU, chipset NVIDIA G70 with a 500 MHz clock-based. Although everything This gives a capacity theoretical 2.18 TerFLOPS, the console is quite new and complex program – as already happened in his day with the Saturn-, and still we shall soon see games that take advantage of its true potential. The Xbox 360 is not far behind in the technical section, since it has also with the Xenon CPU to 3.2 GHz, composed of three PowerPC cores. The memory is 512 MB; and it is shared with the GPU – similar to the card ATI Radeon 600-, which also runs at 500 MHz for the Playstation 3. This architecture is really well designed – even if you only get to 1 TerFLOP-, and many developers are more comfortable programming for this console but it is also true that the development kits are very mature, and Microsoft is a company that has extensive experience in the software world.