Elle Brand

Mykita was founded in 2003 by Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Haffmans Philipp Moritz and Krueger. Although apparently an Asian brand by the name is of German origin and this, precisely, comes from a center of daytime care for children which was in the East of Germany, called Kita. Just starting the year 2011 and the mark from Mykita sunglasses already harvest success and recognition for their work, their designs and their brand globally and in numerous media image. Publications and websites that list the brand of eyewear are as varied as prestigious: Elle, Harper s Bazaar, Vogue, among many others. Mykita sunglasses models appear on front pages and sessions with celebrities from fashion, film, music, etc., done that makes the brand to build up reputation and fame among the best designers and, in general, in the world of trends. Increasingly those who want to collaborate with this signature of glasses by the value that brings link your name with prestigious brands, and Mykita is synonymous with success, vanguard and hard work around in the way to get the best product.

Materials and finishes but also innovation in design and the active participation of designers in the production of eyewear collections, not only have in mind either Sun or prescription. Mykita collections you will find classic elegance, with a functional design as well as groundbreaking. If you want to go to the last one you also have to go for Mykita! You can buy them on the blog of optics Bassol. Original author and source of the article