Development of Software

1 – Introduction: At present the use of tools has become so essential to automate many processes. The flow of a flow test is specifically important in the development of software. It was crucial to investigate the use of tools to improve quality and efficiency of this flow. During the investigation will be revealed the importance of the tool to use, and its operation, through real examples of tests of a module. 2 – The tool JMeter JMeter is a free tool, it is also a Java tool that allows testing of performance and functional testing for Web applications. Load is a tool to carry out simulations on applications for Software. Java JMeter tool within the Jakarta project, which allows performance testing and functional testing on web applications and databases. There are a number of tools for testing free and paid (LoadRunner), but JMeter is known for his versatility, stability, and to be of use Free.

JMeter allows traditional web testing, but also allows you to test FTP, JDBC, JNDI, LDAP, SOAP / XML-RPC and Web Service (Beta). It also allows test execution distributed among different computers for performance testing. The JMeter shows the results of tests on a wide variety of reports and graphs. Also facilitates rapid identification of bottlenecks due to the excessive response time. All these tools can be used for testing under high load efficiency, but there are some that have advantages over the other, so are best to use during the tests in question.