Decorative Hangers

The hangers are a template that mimics the silhouette of the shoulders of the human body in order to prevent wrinkling, the hangers are made of three main materials such as plastic, metal or wood. The history of the spars begins in the nineteenth century, to be exact in 1869, where the north connecticut was presented for the first time made by hard wire hanger. A few years later, President Thomas Jefferson invented the wooden hook, like a hang-up clothes without wrinkles, but it is good to make the clarification that the wire coat hanger is the most widely used today. In 1932 the hanger has a great evolutionary step, the creation of the hanger of two posts, where you can have a sweater and pants at the same time, this led to the creation and mass marketing of this product throughout the United States. For after 1950 the hangers were used in both personal and commercial use, using them as a counter, so to speak, of clothes. He is currently developing such hangers, these can now be flexible and have hooks to ensure that the clothes will not fall for them. Today there are very peculiar types of hangers. Some of them such as: tie hangers: they are designed for the exclusive use of ties, these consist of a hook system, often electronic, that support the ties.

hangers belts: they are usually made of metal, in order that the hanger does not floss before the weight belts, they have a special handles that the belts will not fall. stocking hangers: they are designed with a system that has a lot of clips that hold the stockings. Hangers coverings: they are hangers designed so that after being hung garments, these are covered by a sort of cover that protects the garment of any kind of environmental factor, these hangers are generally used for the care of clothing gala. Hangers Bird: This is a very curious element used for birds to perch on. In the present also find so many hangers applications ranging from special racks of baby clothing hangers through the designs and lively colors, to the curious and perches for birds already mentioned. In conclusion, the invention of the hangers allowed the development of certain industries such as textiles and marketing is seen favored by it, not to mention that at the time of giving order to our closet become a tool of vital importance. It is proper to note that at present the use of hangers is also moving into the world of decoration, with its many colors, materials and ways in which these can be developed.