Choose One Smartphone

The search of smartphones is growing very between the cellular ones. Instead of buying cellular, people start to think about one smartphone. In accordance with a research, the sales of smartphones grew in 23% (market) of 2008 for 2009. More than an operator of celualres is offering the data of smartphone. Reason that smartphone is being one of more looks for in the list of the cellular ones? In a general way, the main difference between cellular and an one smartphone is that smartphone must have the same functionalities that occupy a PDA, as agenda of commitments, access to the Internet, service of email, opening of Word archives and Excel, etc. Compare smartphones that they exist in the market of the cellular ones, are difficult when to face as much in the store, by the way, to acquire one smartphone is a relatively complex task.

These devices have many functions and also it has many details that they need to be led in account. At the same time, for that it desires to one smartphone or a cellular one, also she is necessary to consider the profile of the user who will use the device. They exist some characteristics that are definitive in the hour to buy a device as this. The things below are listed to take take care of of its advantages and limitations. For that it only needs access e-mails will have different requirements of that it needs to use smartphone for services that demand connection of more robust net. On the keyboard, this goes to depend on the profile of the user.

If you need to use smartphone more as voice and reader of e-mails can opt to devices without keyboard QWERTY. But if you will go to write e-mails and to have access the Internet, that is, to use the device more as given keyboard QWERTY is basic. Another thing on the memory card, in the truth, this is not the essential thing, but in case that you need to load many archives, I suggest that it uses the devices that have cards market standards as SD and miniSD as soon as tend to be cheaper than the proprietors as the Memory Stick of Sony. It does not think about taking a great card to load its musics and videos. Smartphones is not good measured players.