This experience produced us peace, we freed from the fear of death, and healed the family relationships. Gave us peace knowing that we were going to a place of rest where you would find with their loved ones who had already left this life. The fear of death lost his strength because he was with Jesus. Health in family relations was the the result of the action of forgiving and being forgiven. I, like the rest of the family we were strengthened when my mother we spoke of Jesus,.

The faith that we percibiamos his words gave us value. She knew where I was going and who would be there to receive it. I’m already going with Jesus, said the nurses. Several times asked us that we read a few poems he had written: A song of creation, the shoe of a child, and the singing of the Redimidos. My mother was a poet and was very proud of it.

She was also a woman of great spirituality. I believe that she already knew months ago that his departure was next. In June 1994 he wrote the chant of the Redimidos, a beautiful poetry that was no doubt inspired by God. Begins with these words: when before Jesus I find and talk with face to face will tell Me: are already here have entered into your BlackBerry I worship with the Saints leading hands Palms think that since I wrote this poetry, suspected what would happen soon, exactly a year later. One of the nights I spent in the hospital was very special. My sister Gloria has named the wisely the mystical night. Her four daughters were in the hospital with her, and thought that this would be his final night. My mother told us to comfort us and give us value. He told us: when you split, may not suffer.