Wooden House Crystal Dreams

As for the crack in laminated veneer lumber, I can say one thing – it is much less than that properly stowed and processed logs. Crackles over the thickness of laminated veneer lumber outdoor first glued to the board exactly to the point of bonding, ie in the rod thickness of 180 mm crack depth can be 45 mm, ie of the total thickness. I can only say one thing – small cracks, which is laminated veneer lumber, round logs that can not possibly influence the thermal performance at home, at his physical and mechanical properties. But the most important difference between the laminated board and round logs – is the cost – about 2.5-3 times meter laminated veneer lumber is more expensive cylindering. Speaking common language, HOUSE OF Glued laminated timber will cost 2 times more expensive than traditional wooden.

It should be easy to decide for themselves, and whether this money all of these advantages. After all, do not know really how to behave dried, can be accelerated wood over time, how long it will adapt to the environment, swell, pulling the moisture from the environment. In any, the house of dry logs will live their natural life recruit and give moisture to “breathe.” My opinion on the matter next – clearly an attention to detail design, properly manufactured and stacked logs of natural humidity, maintaining the technology of wood processing, implementation of operating rules wooden house – that’s a guarantee that your house will stand for many, many years. And what is it to build – you decide. The article draws on material: – “Wood”, a textbook publisher Moscow State Forest University, Moscow, 2001.