Until Internet

When we speak of Internet we speak of you vary questions between them the calls ethical questions Many times we understand for ethics something as moral that is rules predetermined for a same society or some institution as same church or for the state. To put the ethics must be understood as the science that drift of the philosophy and that has as main function to be developing in the people a reflection criticizes regarding the moral or of the values predetermined for one determined institution. Therefore we do not go here to predetermine no rule we do not go to speak here of moralisticas questions as behaviors or something thus therefore the moral and something very only personal of each person but yes we go to consider a small debate through this article on ethical questions in the Internet as: Privacy: Until we can say that the right of privacy of the respected individual and in the Internet? Respect the life: How we can think the respect the life about the Internet? We go to start here considering a debate on the Privacy in the Internet All we know that in the Internet if it says oque wants and of the form that to desire but also we hear oque wants of the form that we speak with this person already thought about this. To put does not have no type of privacy in the Internet not it as you not to be being seen for other people. The great test of this affirmation this in the functioning of the Internet you to have access the Internet you need to contract a Supplier of Access the Internet known tecnicamento as ISPs This company then will go to supply to an access the Internet to it and also one I number only that technician will go to more identify in the Internet a species to it of RG but with a name the IP. .