You may at some point in our life we feel dejected and without any direction clear that followed, how to discover our mission? The truth is no matter the activity we undertake our mission will always be creative, to achieve this we need to use our most valuable tool: the brain. To run the creative process in our lives it is necessary to incorporate the heart to the activities that we carry out, this is accomplished by discovering ourselves, to get it you have to find deep satisfaction, avoid conformism or adaptation to the routines, fight incessantly to define that which fills it inwardly. It is from a State of inner peace where the creative process manifests itself with a fabulous power, their ideas will flow and each day may make greater efforts, your motivation will be to stop. Learn how to connect their emotions with the creative energy, note to her around and look all creative power in every detail that surrounds it, immersed in that world, contemplate the wonders of life, doing so then it will begin to do magnificent things. The achievement of a goal is intimately related to emotional, in the book I’m happy state, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt show enormous principles for understanding the universe and entering the creative energy to make our life to flow with positive energy and that way we can achieve great accomplishments in any area, reading this book its vision of the world will change completely and feel a super motivation that will drive him to seek their dreams and have a great life. Many problems that have been observed throughout history are due to that people are convinced of a limited world, but that perception is wrong, it is certain a wealth without limits, there then where are the obstacles? Only in our minds, perhaps the conscious mind and logic tell us that there is scarcity, sufficient resources there to so many people, but for the creative mind is nothing of this argument is valid, the visionary people have noticed that and that’s how they have managed to make what seemed impossible. There are no impossible things for those who are convinced that there is a creative power that goes beyond conscious limits and you have the opportunity to meet appropriate to access forms, in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar includes queel power already it has been granted, is insidejust to know it it is necessary to pass through a huge maze, by reading this book you will find super secrets of the power of the mind and mental programming, arise will be released from chains that bind him to perceive a limited conscious world, will learn about strategies that great men and women followed to achieve wonderful contributions. Achieve entry into the current creator and have a life in fullness is not a simple task because much knowledge isn’t in our consciousness, coupled with negative ideas that for years we have fed into our interior, but everything is when you have a great desire for change possible, today is the day to begin with, find their freedom, never go to allow the lament in the future for not having done what corresponds in the appropriate time, what is the best time to start? Now, take the first step and all doors gradually will be opened for you.