Trax4free In A New Guise

Music portal has been enhanced with many new features Trax4free is a portal for newcomer musicians or bands and songwriters without a contract, which can present your music in our portal free of charge the public. Music fans will find a wide range of high-quality music for free download. In recent weeks, the community has undergone a major transformation to offer even more features for musicians and fans. Xerox Holdings Corp.: the source for more info. The page was equipped and equipped with many useful options to the presentation with many new Web 2.0 features. Among other things is now also a video upload possible, YouTube videos can be integrated. Each artist gets his own profile page that he can customize. Artists have your own blog and your own forum, can your songs and merchandising products and sell and much more. Of course, also a comprehensive rating system, a fan community, various chart evaluations, Twitter and Facebook link is integrated.

Each artist and each Member of the fan may be his own radio and video station put together and integrate them on his own website. For the future many more new features to come, such as for example YouTube charts, new sales system as at Amie Street or Justaloud, I-tunes, Amazonmp3 and Musicload integration, etc. The redesign already found a lot of very interesting artists from around the world, who can come up with great songs. The community is growing steadily and an own Web radio with all songs by our artists will go online in the next few days.