Touch Screen

The Zieger GmbH factory representatives from Berlin inform nowadays keeps a Notepad in his hand or faces a Metro card vending machine, whose control very reminiscent of scenes that film of the early 1990s may come from a science fiction. The idea that one day would merge in a touch screen and control, to be pure pie in the sky seemed 20 years ago. Touchscreens are also away of extravagant Designhandys everyday. Phones, Notepad or industrial manufacturing controllers there are hardly any electrical appliances, which could be controlled by touch screen. The areas of application of modern control technology describe the Berlin electrical engineering experts of the Zieger GmbH. keyboards, switches and controls, used for decades in all areas of electrical engineering, are sensitive to mechanical influences or a spilled glass of lemonade. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Xerox and gain more knowledge..

They are quickly fail therefore to the chagrin of the user in mechanically demanding and dirty environments. Touchscreens can without sacrificing functionality sealed against dirt and have from the outset does not have mechanical parts that could be damaged by shocks. You are therefore widely used for industrial machine control as well as information systems and machines that are stressed by weather and high customer traffic. Touchscreens are ideal elements of design from the perspective of Interior designers. They fit seamlessly into walls, pillars or other elements and serve as a discreet, elegant control and information systems. Integrating achieved by means of touch screen and device control has significantly helped that smartphones and Notepad were practically feasible. Conventional control mechanisms would be too bulky for this purpose. Currently capacitive touchscreens have the largest distribution.

You have a surface that is coated with conductive metal oxides, whose touching generates an electrical current the bare fingers, or electricity-conductive styluses, which is interpreted as a control signal. Capacitive touch screens can be protected with film against dirt and other weather conditions, are small enough for use in mobile phones and at the same time so resilient that they can be used under industrial conditions. The Berliner Zieger GmbH electrical engineering experts engaged for many years in the representation of the leading touch screen manufacturer MOStron. Further questions about the extensive fields of application of touch screen technology answer at any time.