The Direction

They had returned to the police station and they had searched the possible and impossible places. Get more background information with materials from EOG Resources Inc.. To follow, they had made a fast meeting to trace lines of direction. To the afternoon they had been to the place of the ambush and had searched the area without however finding nothing, not to be the footprints that led to the river, although to look for above and below, in both the edges. In that night, Alberto did not obtain to go for house. In its intuition, something of very serious was for happening and needed to be intent. Or the murderous one was a swept insane person or then it was very close to the truth being attacked the side of a policeman in full light of the day. On the other hand, the comrade did not seem to be nor a little maluco, therefore exactly having frustrated the attempt, she obtained to disappear at least for the riverbed without a track. It started to recollect the events and if it raised in an impetus, without perceiving that Hawk was grudado in its heels.

In the truth, he was the only one that it knew more details of that intricate history. The afternoon it are so agitated that Alberto does not have time to count more nothing, not to be the two balaos in the abacateiro and the microphone in the picture of Is Jorge, beyond the proper one attempted against that had suffered together. It was thankful the saint to have to them except for the lives and alone in the street it was that it perceived the presence of the soldier. Tapinha in the shoulder thanked the support with one and said: _ Obliged, Hawk! Its presence is very important, therefore ten minutes later that I assumed the police station, received a phone call from the Duck, saying that if I was not quiet, the pharmacy of my father would be burnt, and nor knows where it is. We go to pass in the pharmacy pra to see if it is all good and later, pra house.

It is in the insurance, and she imports what me it is the life of my father. Today still, if we will not be interrupted, I go to count to it what I know, because if some thing to happen itself, vocs can to start the inquiries of where I to stop. With which of its colleagues, you more it is sharpened? _ Of the time that the bank was assaulted, has five years, who more was distinguished was the Rui. The face seemed that it enxergava in the dark one. They were five and the alone Rui arrested two, I arrested one, the Jorge arrested the others two with the Magalhes handle. When people if found, it had algemado the arm of one in the leg of the other and cad to run away in that situation? Although the concern, Alberto laughed at the creativity of the soldier and decided: _ When to arrive in house, I go to telephone pra the sergeant to place turns of guard in the pharmacy and if to congregate with us back in house with the handles and the Rui. For the time being, we go to give rest to the others, but that they are of warned pra the case of the thing to esquentar.