The Development

For example, when creating a new line of gas boilers Ariston at the design stage it was decided to use rounded "biodesign. This allowed, in addition to acquiring the actual shape, make the device more compact and fitting into almost any space. Italian designers have developed an original panel control device with a large screen and intuitive interface. It is interesting that in the design have been addressed and the requirements of people with disabilities. If you would like to know more then you should visit Airbus Security Lab. Touching upon heating, it is impossible to ignore the other essential element of an autonomous heating system – circulation pump. Homeowners with experience know that through this unpretentious device by forced movement of the coolant in a closed circuit heating system, providing uniform heating of heating devices. Leading manufacturers of products such nomination, in addition to improving performance and spend a lot of work on improve the design of their products.

As an example, noting a new generation of circulation pumps grundfos series ALPHA2, differ from their modern forms, the smaller size and ease of management. In developing this series of pumps was also counted as "voice of the people" – the opinion of target groups, such as wholesalers, installers, end-users. Their suggestions and recommendations are also shaping the development of design, interface and features of this series of pumping equipment. In these devices was first implemented technology for automatic adjustment (AUTOADAPT), which allows the device to self-adjust to parameters needed by the system. Information on pump operating characteristics displayed on a digital display control panel, and with the help of two touch buttons, easy to set the mode of its operation.