Test Winner Toshiba E-core LED Now New To Lichtkaufhaus.de

Bulbs available Toshiba E-Core LED lamps in the light Department in the frames of E14, E27, GU10 and GU5, 3, as well as PAR. The innovative Toshiba E-Core LED lamps are a real alternative to conventional light sources and far exceed in their technical characteristics. The results show this review of various energy saving bulbs by Stiftung Warentest. When making this comparison, the LED Toshiba E-core as best LED was light bulbs with 5.5 watt of clear test winner. The Japanese electronics group Toshiba is very innovative in many fields of electronics and with promising products its customers products offered, which allow to save energy. Particularly in the area of energy-saving lamps, you will find products that are best suited as a successor to the classic incandescent Toshiba E-core 5.5 Watt DJ energy-saving lamps providing industry now LED bulbs, energy saving light bulbs and halogen lamps on. It should be noted, that the LED lamps the two other types of collection are far superior. Thus, the LED lamp is Toshiba E-core of the test winner in cross-product new lighting.

Energy-saving lamps are mercury inside. The LED bulb Toshiba E-core series are completely free of heavy metals such as mercury. Toshiba E-core for use in wall, floor and ceiling lights, the possibilities are great because great emphasis was placed on standardized lampholder. So, there is the E-core energy saving lamps with the classic versions of E14, E27, GU10 and GU5, 3, as well as PAR lamps, which are ideally suited for the shop & Office lighting sector. Looks like a classic light bulb appears aesthetically pleasing many customers. LED bulbs are more effective than conventional bulbs however much. Energy and cost savings through the usage in ceiling lights also compared to energy-saving bulbs are these Toshiba products clearly at an advantage. Lowest power consumption coupled with a high luminous efficiency makes it possible that electric energy can be saved.