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Federal District Traffic

They commented and they ***reflxed mng themselves of the form to handle in the city, the distances, the turnpikes and the constant sound of the horn by all sides. I understood well than they spoke and I could not avoid to smile while she bent to me to keep my computer and she listened to the conversation. I smiled when desperate same remembering to me in the middle of the traffic when the passage to the office, that really had to take about fifteen minutes to me, sometimes became a passage of near two hours. For my adentros it thought that to live in a city as it is the Federal District and to complain the traffic he is similar to be in a restaurant and to complain with mesero to bring exactly what it was become ordained to him. Who chooses to live there has to know that along with the many wonders and atmospheres that offer city, also exists a complicated situation as far as road talks about. Me d return and I included myself in the conversation. By awhile we continued speaking of the traffic, the pollution, the vitality and the incessant activity in the DF.

When we began to speak on our activities and I knew of the occupation of one of my companions of flight, I could not resist the temptation to ask the opinion of a banker on the fashionable subject: world-wide the economic crisis. It knew that it was touching sensible veins, but a time ago I decided more be abierto with same me and to ask frankly it requires when it or it feels that it must say something honestly. First in reacting to the change of subject it was my other companion. With energy and in joking tone it said: – You do not ask to him of that, less in the days of crisis like these! – My first interlocutor, nevertheless, lifted the glance and in reflective tone she commented: – Nowadays the crisis means lack of money.